ProfileBud | Extract Emails and Users Data from Instagram
Refund Policy

  1. We give the users 3 day free trial in which you get ~25k Targeted Usernames users and ~1k Detailed User Profile Searches so that you can see how the data comes and see your lead ratio.

  2. Please read our blogs for limits and other things how Profilebud works.

  3. We DO NOT have a refund policy. The major reason for this is people use our tool for Fiverr and other lead generation gigs and upon completing the same, they ask for refund. Hence please use it in free trial and see if it works.

  4. We are always active on support and reply to all queries in 1 working day. So reach out to us for any issue.

  5. We have well written blogs page and very well maintained youtube channel: Here. Please go through them and reach out to support if you have any issues or query. Once you are sure, then only purchase.

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