1. You surely need to purchase Profilebud Lifetime Product ($49) to use Profilebud. There are Add ons Booster Plans to this main lifetime product which increase your daily limits and make the process faster.


  1. Just with Profilebud Lifetime (Base Product for $49) you can use all the features for lifetime. Now, to increase the speed & daily limits for Email extraction (User Analysis or Step 2), you can purchase booster plans where we Route major traffic from our Proxies, hence increasing the daily limits.


  1. Booste Plans give you VIP Searches. These searches for getting detailed data of usernames happen from our Proxy & hence they are fast and increase your daily limit by 2-3x.


  1. Without Booster plans , you can still do about 1-2k User profile searches per account. With booster plans, you should be able to do 3-6k User profile searches per instagram account. To read more on daily limits per instagram account with Profilebud, you can read here.


  1. We have 3 booster plans which give you different VIP Searches (The Fast searches which happen from our Proxy network).
    1 VIP Search = 1 User’s detail which we get via our proxy
    You can purchase any one of the plan depending on the amount of data you want to scrape for Profile / Email analysis (step 2).

    Booster plan 1 => $10 => 20k VIP searches
    Booster plan 2 => $49 => 150k VIP searches
    Booster plan 3 => $99 => 500k VIP searches

    Eg: So with Booster plan 3, you get 500k VIP searches. Meaning that we can do Email extraction of 500k Usernames in fast mode and with more daily limits in the day. Till the point you do 500k Usernames analysis in total, you get the fast speed and increased daily limits.
    Once these 500k usernames are over, you can either do at normal speed and normal daily limits with Profilebud lifetime or you can purchase booster plan again.
    Every username detail we get from our proxy network, 1 VIP search is reduced. You can see your VIP Searches remaining in the My Accounts Section.


  1. Booster plan is NOT a monthly subscription. It is One time pay and then you use these searches till they are over. The Topup model. Recharge it when you need.


  1. Profilebud lifetime base plan works even without booster plan. Just the daily limits are less as calls to instagram happen from your IP and the speed is slow. You can use this for lifelong even without booster plans.


  1. VIP Searches (Booster plans) work only on User Analysis (step 2). The daily limits for Usernames Extraction (Step 1 i.e. followers username extraction, hashtags, likers commenters, etc) remain same. Only the User Analysis (Email Extraction) becomes fast with 2-3x daily limits.


  1. If there is any confusion, feel free to reach out to us at support@profilebud.com