Your daily limits are values per day and per instagram account. These values are from Instagram side and we set them so as to keep your instagram account safe.

You can get 2 - 3 times these limits if you have 2 - 3 instagram accounts. Assume your new account’s instagram is @new_account,

Step 1 – Logout of current logged in instagram account

Go to and logout of your current instagram account.


Step 2 -> Go to Profilebud’s Members area & add/replace instagram account

Profilebud’s Members Area link – Enter the instagram account username here. In the example below, we are entering cristiano but you should enter your instagram account username.

Step 3 -> Login to Instagram with your new account

Go to on your computer and Login with this new account @new_account. Make sure this is same account which you added in Profilebud’s members area in step 2.

Step 4 -> Close and Open Profilebud (Or Refresh the page)

Download the data which is currently discovered as you will lose this data. Profilebud takes the logged in instagram account automatically. When you close & open Profilebud / refresh the page, then Profilebud will use this new account.

With this all your accogunt limits are reset.

Also, if you have 3 instagram accounts, your limits will be 3 times!


Please add a profile pic to the account connected. Add 3-4 random posts. Follow 8-10 people. This way you can do more searches as Instagram treats this account as more genuine.

Word of Caution

Don’t use your prominent personal account as instagram might detect unusual behaviour. Although we do it well under limits but we advice to create new instagram account and use it.