Adding Instagram Accounts for Access

  1. Paid Users have access to Profilebud members area ( where you allow which instagram accounts have Premium Profilebud access. Use the email and password which you used while signing up before payment.


  1. Members area is the place to add / remove instagram account for access. Profilebud takes the logged in instagram account in your chrome browser and if it is one of these accounts added in members area, then it will have all payed account features.

  1. Enter the instagram account usernames in the Profilebud Access Dashboard.


  1. Make sure you are logged into same instagram account on chrome. Then open Profilebud chrome extension and you well be on Using Profilebud Premium Extension.


  1. In my case, my instagram account is @dessert._.diva and I have to add this username in the Members area and the same account is logged in on my chrome. We recommend to not use your personal instagram account but use some dummy instagram account for extracting data. More on How to create and use dummy accounts here.


  1. See the “Visit Members Area” button on the left side. It means you are on Premium Payed Profilebud.


How many instagram accounts you can add in Members area?

You can add 3 instagram accounts which can work parallely. So if you have 3 computers, you can get data at 3x speed. You can replace as many instagram accounts as you want. We don’t have any restrictions on the same but parallely you can add 3 instagram accounts.

Meaning you and your friend can also use this together as we allow 3 instagram accounts to use it. Or if you have 3 computers, you can use it on all 3 of them and speed up your work.


How to Reset Daily limits in Profilebud

Check out our blog here on how to reset the daily limits in Profilebud ->


Should you use your own Personal Account with Profilebud?

We recommend to create a new instagram account and use that with profilebud. Instagram has become really vigilant and might ban account. Although we keep it well under limits but still there is a 10% chance that instagram might ban or trigger password reset to your account.

Just create a new account, add 5-7 posts, follow a few people and add a profile pic and use this account with Profilebud.


Do I need Booster Plan?

Booster plans increase your daily limits per instagram account. Go through this to read more on the limit and limits with Booster plan:

If you just need to get the usernames of followers or usernames by hashtag only, this Booster plan won’t help. But if you want to extract profiles’ detailed information, emails and their contact info, it will help to increase the daily limit.


On how to use Chrome Extension - Video Tutorial