In this tutorial, you will learn how to extract detailed profiles (emails, engagement rate, follower/following count, website bio etc.) of more than 2000 users by using multiple Instagram accounts

Step 1: Set-up three Instagram accounts in the Profilebud’s member’s area

You need multiple Instagram accounts to extract more data from Instagram since there is a daily limit set up by Instagram for every account. You need to login to Profilebud’s member’s area and add your Instagram accounts you want to use for using Profilebud. You can add up to 3 different accounts.

Step 2: Enter 2000 usernames in “Analyze User” option and start the extraction process





Step 3: Wait for your account to scrape maximum e-mails

Depending upon your Instagram account (old/new), Profilebud can analyze up to 2000 users everyday. For some Instagram accounts, the limit is less than 2000 a day. So if you get the message “your account’s daily limit is over” , you have reached your daily limits

Step 4: Download all the extracted data and close Profilebud


Step 5: Login with other IG account added in Profilebud’s members area and repeat step 2

Login to Instagram with your second account you have added in the member’s area (step 1), restart Profilebud and paste the list of next 2000 users (step 2). You can repeat the same process for your third account once the daily limit for your second account is also reached. With this method you can extract detailed profiles of up to 6000 users.

To increase your daily limits and increase your searching speed, purchase booster plans. Pricing:

More on Daily Limits here: