In this tutorial, learn how to extract the list of usernames of followers of any Instagram account and save it to a spreadsheet. You can use this list of followers to extract their detailed profile info from the “Analyze User” feature of Profilebud

Step 1: Click on “Find Users”

Step 2: Click on “Follower/Following” button

Step 3: Select your own account or other account

If you want to download the list of followers/following of your own account click on view my own account’s analytics otherwise click on view any other account’s analytics to get the list of followers of other accounts

Step 4: Enter the Instagram username of account whose follower/following you want to download

Enter the username of the account and select from the drop-down list 

Step 5: Click on Analyze Follower/Following to start the process

Step 6: Click on Download “Followers/Following” :

After every 8k follower analysis, Profilebud automatically downloads the list and waits for 2–3 hours to continue the process for the next 8k followers. In one day Profilebud can download 24k followers in three sessions of 8k using one Instagram account.

Step 7: Continue follower/following extraction process after 2.5 hours

Once you have downloaded the first 8k followers, you can continue the process for the next 8k followers after 2–3 hours by entering the same username. To extract more users, you can register 3 Instagram accounts in Profilebud’s member’s area and download 72k followers/following in one day. Once your 8k users limit for one account is reached, you can login to your other account and continue the process.

Step 8: Get detailed data of these users

Use this list of downloaded usernames to extract their detailed data like e-mail, post count, engagement rate, follower/following count, bio, etc. in the Analyse User section. Click  here to see how to get the detailed data