In this tutorial, we will show you how you can extract emails, post count, engagement rate, follower/following count, bio, etc. in the “Analyse User” section (Step 2) for a given list of usernames already extracted by you using “Find Users” feature of ProfileBud.

Step 1: Click on Analyse Users

Step 2: Paste the list of Instagram usernames

Paste the targeted Instagram ”usernames” you downloaded in step 1. After you press submit, ProfileBud will notify you and remove the duplicate usernames. Some duplicate usernames will be there if you targeted usernames by hashtag and location.

Do not enter more than 8k usernames at a time.

Step 3: Give a name to your file

Enter a name you want to give to the spreadsheet that will be downloaded after the process

Step 4: Select the fields you want to download

Select the field of information from the given list you want for the usernames entered. The downloaded sheet will have only these things.

Step 5: Apply filters and Download data

You can filter the data based on parameters like email available, follower count, etc. You can download the complete data or the filtered data by clicking on the respective buttons.