Profilebud gets emails and other detailed data of users from Instagram via the logged in Instagram account. All these limits are per instagram account and you can rotate your instagram account (details here) to get more data. With 2 instagram accounts, these limits for you will be 2x. With 3 account, you can do 3 times and so on. We do not have any restriction on how many instagram accounts you use.

Daily Limit per Instagram account

  • Follower Following: 24k Usernames in a day per Instagram Account
  • Liker Commenter: 10-20k Usernames in a day per Instagram Account
  • Hashtag / Location Users & posts: Unlimited (~30-40k in a day depending on your internet speed)

If you have 5 instagram accounts, you can 5x these limits. Profilebud remembers and continue from the last scraped position. You just need to change your account in the members area and login with another account.

Eg: You can get 72k followers usernames in a day with 3 instagram accounts. (24k per account * 3 Accounts)

Detailed User searches

With only Profilebud Lifetime, You can do about 1k+ or more user profile searches daily for lifetime per instagram account. Out of these 2k Profile searches you can expect about 150-300+ emails daily. (Average 10% | This can be more or less depending on genre, logged in account sanity and the way data is extracted)

This is per instagram account. If you have 3 accounts, you can get ~6-8k profile searches daily and get about 500 - 1000+ emails daily. Reach out to these many people daily just with 1 time payment of Profilebud Lifetime.

What are Booster Plans? (2-3x daily limit)

Booster plans work if you have Profilebud Lifetime.

With booster plans, we do majority of work at our end using our proxy network hence your daily limit for User profile searches per instagram account increases to 4-6k (instead of ~2k).

You get Fast User searches (called VIP Searches) which are faster than normal searches.

Based on your requirements you can purchase different booster plans.

Check out our pricing at

Booster plan is just for more daily limits. Without this also you can get about 80-250+ emails everyday with Profilebud Lifetime.

Doing 20k Detailed username searches daily?

You can do this with 3-4 instagram accounts and booster plan or with 10-12 instagram accounts and without booster plans. Profilebud detects the limits per account and shows the message Daily Limits Over when the limits are over. The account opens up again next day.