There are daily limits per account, per day from instagram for each scrape type. You can read more the limits here.

In this blog, we will cover :-

  • Running Profilebud on 2 Chrome Profiles (2X the current scraping)
  • Maintaining Instagram Account Sanity
  • Getting Cheap Instagram Accounts for Scraping
  • Phone Number Verification Services


Running 2 Profilebud Simultaneously on 1 Computer

  • You need to create 2 Chrome Profiles. If you have just 1 chrome user, create a new chrome profile.

Create Chrome Profile

  • Click on the User Icon in top right in Chrome and then click on Add.
  • Install Profilebud Extension on this Chrome User and Login to a different instagram account. Use Profilebud normally.
  • Although this will 2x but it will have some impact on the instagram account quality. Make sure you have have instagram account sanity. (Covered Below)


Maintaining Instagram Account Sanity

  • An Account with No profile pic and posts is a big no and are detected and removed by instagram.
  • A good account is the one which has

    1. Profile Pic
    2. A few posts (Atleast 6)
    3. Follows a few people
    4. Engages (Likes a few posts)
  • If you have accounts with these properties, chances of it getting banned / phone verified are quite less.


Getting Cheap & Good Quality Instagram Accounts

You need instagram accounts if you plan to do mass scraping. You need about 6-10 accounts to get about 5000 emails daily. To start, Get about 5-6 accounts from the below sources and see if they are working good with you. Some sources where you can get decent instagram accounts for scraping:

  1. AccsMarket:
    I have purchased about 500+ accounts from them for bulk scraping and they have worked well. 2 Trusted vendors I would recommend:

    • Vendor 1 [~$0.9 per account] (Have Profile pic & posts but are generally out of stock)
    • Vendor 2 [~$0.5 per account] (In Stock | But manually need to add profile pic & posts)

  2. PVA Accounts:
    I recently found them. Haven’t tried myself but a few friends told me they work good too.

PS: We aren't associated with any of the above vendors and you are free to choose any source you get. If other source is good too, let us know and we will add them here :)

Phone Number Verification Service

Sometimes Instagram prompts you to phone verify the account. I generally buy $0.5 accounts and am okay with disposing them off. You can get Phone verification service which will give you the sms sent by instagram to log back into the account.

One such service here: