Every vision starts somewhere and ours started in early 2020 (the pandemic year!). Since those early days, our efforts have been to find out ways to mine this targeted data from instagram and get everyone access to this powerful data.

Hope you loved what we built. We are a small passionate team who believes in the power of data and the wonders it can do for any individual, brand or business.

There was no easy way to get this precious data. This is where we come into play. You just work on the targeted data and boost your business. Make Email list, contact list or go for targeted advertising. How easy it has become to get this information now. Just find some big players of your genre and get emails, contact and other info about their followers/likers and contact them for your own business.

We are always available on Customer Support/Chat. Do drop us a hello or tell us how are we doing. We would love new feature requests and constructive criticism. A lot of time & sweat went into making this and honest user feedback is a dream come true for every founder. For anything feel free to reach out to me personally at abhinav@profilebud.com

We have kept the pricing as low as possible! This is some bare minimum to keep us going.

Also, if you loved it, please review us on Chrome Store here. This will really help us in a long way.

We are nothing without our awesome community (thanks to you!) and we would really appreciate it if you share this with your friends too.

Apart from Profilebud, we are sad about the current state of environment and a part of money we get through Profilebud goes into planting trees. We support One tree planted & Grow-Trees organisations for the cause.



ProfileBud Founder